CAC Europe Ltd. (CAC Europe) will comply with the General Data Protection Regulation and establish the “Personal Information Protection Policy” about handling of personal information we stored as follows.

Personal Information Protection Policy

◆ CAC Europe will use personal information you provided such as name, contact number, email address, name of company, name of department, position, and the others in the purpose of the provision of various information such as introduction and proposal of our service and products, questionnaire and direct email. In case to use personal information in other purposes, CAC Europe will either clearly provide the purpose of the use to the person concerned and obtain the person’s consent or release the purpose of the use on our website.

◆ In principle, CAC Europe will not provide personal information to a third party unless the person concerned consents to the provision. In case personal information provision or disclosure with the consent of the person, CAC Europe will confirm the third party that they implement the sufficient measure of protection of personal information.

◆ About personal information, CAC Europe will respond to requests of opening, changing, deleting, and withdrawing consents of handling personal information within the range considered reasonable.

◆ CAC Europe will implement appropriate security protection measures to personal information and take appropriate measures to use personal information which is followed by the intention of the person concerned.

◆ In order to achieve the purpose of use, CAC Europe will have the case that personal information will be transferred to the area outside the EEA, including Japan. CAC Europe will guarantee that the sufficient measure of protection of personal information will be secured with the conclusion of Standard Contractual Clauses(SCC) based on GDPR.

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