Supporting your business
with Japanese values

As a knowledge intensive organization, the CAC Group develops IT services on a global scale, with CAC Corporation, which is a total service provider of business information systems, as the core of the group. Strong linkages to its group companies have enabled CACe to offer a unique business proposition in the European IT services market.

Based on highly specialized business knowledge and experience in the financial industry developed over more than fifty years since its establishment, CAC Corporation provides solutions tailored to the needs of various business categories such as banks, securities, insurance, and pensions, in the process contributing to increases in company value. In cooperation with CAC Holdings Corporation, we have provided services to clients in the financial industry in London for over twenty-five years.

value proposition to Japanese IT consultancy users and technology vendors

Our technical expertise and industry specialisation would certainly place us in the upper echelon of the European IT consulting market. But if you are looking for an extra Japanese touch to make a difference to your business, our exceptional support will ensure that your objectives are met, whether you are our customer or our trading partner.

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